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For an Update on my consultation and project work in the area of Information Society Policy, telecommunications policy and economics, follow my page at LinkedIn: My LinkedIn Pages


My China IT Blog with news and comments on the development of Information Society in China, Asia and the EU

Roter Vorhang German language blog on Chinese domestic policy developments (with occasional contributions by me)

My Cinema-Watch-Blog with mini-reviews and news from the world of cinema and sometimes beyond

I am member of the expert network INSTKOMM – Institut für Komunikationsforschung, see the INSTKOMM website for background  (Deutsch)

Since 2014 I am also member of the MÜNCHNER KREIS, an expert association that aims to guide and shape the knowledge- and information-based society. As a non-profit international association at the crossroads of business, academia, public policy, and society, the MÜNCHNER KREIS acts as an independent platform. We use a large number of different activities to explore the opportunities and the challenges that digitalization represents.

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